Innovative way of Investing to minimize risks and maximize returns and liquidity.
Investing in non-listed private companies with return generation via sale or IPO.
Services for Hong Kong and US markets with rapid expansion to other major and developing markets.
We leverage technology and provide unique and innovative investment opportunities for our clients.
Comprehensive market analysis and research to help clients capture every investment opportunity.
A one-stop shop with tailor-made investment strategies for your needs.
Vico Capital Limited (VICO) is Hong Kong based and all-inclusive investing and financing platform that provides asset management, securities brokerage, and advisory services to institutional and individual investors. We are licensed by the Securities and Futures Commission of Hong Kong (CE No. BOB523) to carry out Type 1 - Dealing in Securities; Type 4 - Advising on Securities and Type 9 - Asset Management regu-lated activities.
We are a privately owned, independent company driven by the needs of our clients and not shareholders. We envision to deliver innovative technological solutions for a better future. We provide an all-round strategic wealth management services to investors in Hong Kong and beyond. Our main objective is to continually seeking unique investment opportunities and wealth solutions that will create values for our investors.
At VICO, we understand that no two clients are ever the same and that is why our services are built around you. We customize all our services as per your needs and continuously align our goals to yours. Furthermore, we actively leverage technology to maximize returns and minimizes risks.
Cooper Leung
Chief Executive Officer
Mr. Cooper Leung is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Vico Capital Limited. He works closely on all aspects of providing leadership to Vico Capital, including overseeing all group affairs and activities, daily operations, product development and corporate management. Mr. Leung holds a leadership role in the Company's management, including a high degree of responsibility over portfolio management.

Mr. Leung has 18 years of experience in the financial industry, with a solid track record in brokerage and portfolio management. His extensive management capabilities and on-the-ground experience helped the company establish an unparalleled research and investment team. He worked in various international banks and corporation including HSBC and Cinda Internaltional.

He holds a bachelor's degree of Economics and Finance from The University of Hong Kong.
Thomas Tang
Head of Asset Management
Mr. Thomas Tang is the Head of Asset Management of Vico Capital. He is one of our core members and his illustrious career in asset and wealth management is instrumental for the growth of our company but more importantly for the growth of our clients.

He has over 20 years of experience in the financial services sector. He possesses a strong background in business development and has the ability to seek new business opportunities. He worked for international banks and institutions including National Australia Bank. He built a successful client base with over 200 clients and over AUD 100 million asset under his advice. He has also built a business with 40+ high net worth clients who entrusted over USD 35 million of assets. He also managed clients' discretionary portfolio accounts with a combined asset of USD 150 million.

He holds a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering from Universities of New South Wales in Australia and a Diploma of Financial Planning through the Financial Planning Association of Australia.
Ryan LI (CFA & FRM)
Head of Research
Mr. Ryan Li is the Head of Research of Vico Capital Limited where he oversees the firm’s credit and fixed income research and analysis. He also assists to formulate business development strategies.

He has over 10 years of experience in finance and investment research. Prior to join Vico Capital, he worked at various international banks and corporations including BNP Paribas, KDB Asia Ltd and Orix Asia Ltd. He also helped to build a fixed income portfolio with AUM over USD 80 million for a buy-side corporation.

He holds a Bachelor of Economics with Distinction from The University of New South Wales in Australia. He is a CFA Charter holder and he is a certified FRM.
Ester Lam
Head of Brokerage
Ms. Ester Lam is the Head of Brokerage of Vico Capital Limited, where she is responsible for the Group’s brokerage business and operations. She is one of our core members and her illustrious career in brokerage and advisory is instrumental for the growth of our company but more importantly for the services to our clients.

She has over 20 years of experience across the financial industries, focus on delivering an excellent brokerage service including front end and back end operations.

She holds a Bachelor Degree of Business Administration.
Vanee Huang
Head of Account and Finance
Ms. Vanee Huang is the Head of Account and Finance of Vico Capital Limited. She is responsible for financial control and treasury operations of the company.

She has more than 10 years of accounting experience in financial industry and familiar with SFC regulations. Prior to join Vico Capital, she worked in JPMorgan Asset Management Ltd, Harvest Global Investment Ltd and China Hanya Asset Management Ltd.

She holds a bachelor’s degree in banking and finance at University of Stirling, United Kingdom and a postgraduate diploma in professional accountancy at The Chinese University of Hong Kong.
Alpha Calibration
Compliance Advisory
Alpha Calibration is a compliance advisory service provider to Vico Capital Limited. A dynamic practice provider of regulatory compliance and other professional services to financial institutions including asset management and brokerage firms, hedge funds and insurance intermediaries in Hong Kong.

They pride themselves by offering pragmatic solutions enabled by their unique combination of buy and sell side experience within investment banking, legal, operations as well as our insight from dealing with the SFC.
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